What I’ve Done So Far…

(revised and edited Oct 20, 2017) Since “opening” this business 6 months ago, I’ve completed the design and development of 7 total websites. For three of those I designed & built the entire website theme (1 Wordpress theme, 2 Hugo themes), and for the others I customized existing themes to client specifications. I’ve also been on a team that developed a social web app.

I have worked as a remote independent contractor for 5 different companies doing a variety of technical tasks - refactoring code, editing documentation, document management, adding/updating/writing site content, page templating and coding from wireframes, IT consulting, and more.

As of this month, I have 3 ongoing website projects in different stages of production as well as a video game design internship and work as a remote contractor for a local company, helping with the redesign and optimization of a large website. I volunteer with Code4Abq and am working on a project for the nonprofit organization Circles.

I have devoured many programming books and completed countless online courses. I am a member of the Alumni Committee for the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp from which I graduated in March; we plan networking events and learning opportunities for other bootcamp alum.