Excerpts I liked from…

Do What you Love and Earn What You’re Worth as a Programmer

“Respect comes from what you accomplish, and where programs are involved, it comes from writing programs, not from a title or a piece of a paper (nor from a book or a blog). Nobody on Earth can stop you from writing software and earning genuine respect.”

“If what you are doing is not important, and if you don’t think it is going to lead to something important, why are you working on it?”

“Here is what to do today to shorten the line between where you are and where you need to be: Volunteer to give a presentation that you can entirely control, and invest the time and effort to do the best possible job.”

“I think it means that you have to change your mindset from finding a job to one of filtering available jobs.”

“I think you need to reject this unspoken assumption [that if you’re in an interview, the odds are good that it’s a decent job, and that your job is to sell them on yourself and negotiate the best compensation possible] and take the perspective that if you go on ten interviews, nine of the jobs will not be worth having. It’s your job to discover which of the ten is “fit” to employ you. That doesn’t mean you need to be arrogant: The person interviewing you is agonizing over the fact that 99100 job applicants are unfit to work there, so have a little empathy for them when they ask you to write FizzBuzz.”