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Sprout Swap is a social site that allows local growers to connect with people who may be interested in buying or swapping their homegrown vegetables. Users with profiles may make posts offering items from their gardens, and other users may respond and offer to trade or buy these fresh veggies.

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I believe in going above and beyond, providing fantastic customer service, and maintaining an excellent standard of work.

I love making dynamic and beautiful websites, collaborating on software applications, and solving real-world problems using software as a tool for better living. Trying to define problems and design solutions is so fun that I don’t mind spending hours perfecting my craft.

So far, I have worked on web sites and applications using HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, and Angular 2. Some of my favorite programming projects are included here, and you can find more on my GitHub profile.

More images coming soon! Check out my GitHub profile. to see code I've written.

Hi. I'm Noel.

When I'm not working on a project, you might find me wandering in the high desert, taking trips to the library, list-making, wedding officiating, pop-up card crafting, or nurturing my billion little pets in our coral reef tank.

I love to travel and have explored across the US, Europe, and South America. ¡Hablo español!

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